Contract Manufacturing

Our Our Contract Manufacturing Division does assembly integration and testing of Electrical and Electronic Systems including Gensets, UPS, DC Power Systems and Elevators for its clients.

We work with large bills-of-material  which may include fabricated materials sheet metal parts  purchased components ,hardware, switches, capacitors, slides, cable harnesses, etc and customer supplied materials  boards, electronics, etc.

At our Manesar facility we have dedicated 4 exclusive areas with ESD flooring and test facilities covering 90,000 Sq foot for electronic integration.

Services offered

  • Prototype development
  • Engineering design
  • In-house Electromechanical manufacturing
  • Procurement and Supply chain management
  • Quality assurance
  • Inspection services
  • On time Deliveries
  • Rework, warranty service
  • Packing and Logistics

“Leave your manufacturing worries to us ”