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News 1 12/2009 GSM Antennas Prasha signs a MOU with Kyemo SRL France to jointly  assemble , manufacture, test and market  2G/3G GSM antennas for the Indian telecom market. Uniqueness of Keymo technology is that the antennas can be mounted on a single mast give 36 deg footprint. Each antenna comes fully tested and calibrated with its unique for ease of installation


News 2 03/2011 19” Server Racks Prasha launches a new series of 19” Racks for the IT , Networking and  Telecom applications . The new “I” series of Server and Wall Mount  racks are based on a proven design platform which has been in use by us while supplying to OEM users. With a wide acceptability they are built to legendry robustness of Prasha product and  attractively priced . Challenging competition once again!
News 3 10/2011 XJ  Elevators Prasha gets associated with XJ Elevator India Pvt Ltd for the Elevator and Escalator market. XJ Elevator Pte Ltd Singapore and Meyer Engineering Ltd Singapore brings their tremendous expertise and latest elevators to India. Prasha to help them customize as per local needs.