Captive Power Plant


Captive Generating plant :-  A power plant set up by any entity to generate electricity primarily for his own use and includes a power plant set up by any co-operative society or association of persons for generating electricity primarily for use of members of such co-operative society or association. Note that the word primarily is not defined anywhere. Also note that by this definition, a group of industries can set up a big generating station for their groups use and sell excess power subject to meeting local legislation.
These plants are designed by conducting stringent quality checks on our products before delivering them to the clients end. These quality checks ensure their long lasting and flawless performance.

Power Plant Projects

The various power plant project activities that we offer are :-

* Full Turnkey Captive Power Plants
* Heat Recovery & Cogeneration in case of gas based power plant.
* Specialists in under 20 MW Capacity Projects

Conceptualization,Design and Procurement

Conceptualization :-

Our teams are equipped to carry out preliminary load studies, feasibility studies, technical and commercial viability analysis, and design conceptualization.

Design :-

The process design, layouts, and detailed engineering drawings are prepared by specialist and highly experienced mechanical, and electrical engineers, tailored to suit each individual client’s specific requirements.

Procurement :-

Our procurement teams are adept at achieving optimum lead times and delivery scheduling. Our links in industry allow us to source the ideal equipment to suit your requirements.

Mechanical and Electrical Installation of Captive Plants

Mechanical & Electrical Installation –

Our projects teams have successfully implemented the mechanical and electrical installation of many genset installations.

The experience within our organization and our attention to detail ensure that the intended design is what we deliver.


Synchronizing, System, Testing, & Commissioning of Captive Power Plants

Synchronising, System Testing, & Commissioning :-

Our engineers are trained to synchronise the plant, provide all necessary static & dynamic testing, and commission the whole Captive Power Plant system for use.