Sr. No. Description Specification
1. Power Distribution Units Specialities in PDU”s with proper 3 core wire & Cable-Thimble i.e. avoids hanging of connecting cables, proper Power rating “ANCHOR” sockets and MCB and fuses, to avoids any Power faults, sparks, and disturbance.
Availability are as follows:-
(a) Horizontal 1. 19″-Moulded- 6 sockets/ 5A and 4 socket/ 5A
2. 19″-Horizontal-indian round sockets available in 5&6 sockets with 5A&15A Ratings
(b) Verticals 3. Available in 10 sockets Indian round pin sockets with 15A MCB and fuse
4. Available in 12 sockets Indian round pin sockets with 15A MCB and fuse
(c) Cable Manager
1. Cable Manager-1U-(19″ Horizotal), Plastic
2. Vertical 4 Pcs. Per side (Kit of 4/8)
3. Frame Loop
4. Cable Ties- Standard size
2. Castors
1. Load bearing capacity upto 800kgs
2. Castors height-80mm after mounting, position is inside the frame
3. 2-breakable and 2-unbreakable-positioned diagonally
3. Plinth Optional anti-vibration kit
1. 100mm height
2. 2.5mm thickness sheet
3. Cable entry at all corners
4. Cage Nuts 20 Pcs. Per Packet(nut, screw, washer)
5. Fan With Finger guard and 1.5 mtr power cable
1. Provision of Mounting at Top Panel- upto 6 Fans or Fantray with 4 Fans option.
2. Fantray with 2 fans on the door
3. Fantray with 3 fans on the bottom cover
6. Support angles Heavy Duty, Giving support to bare parts.
7. Trays
(a) Fixed Tray with Length 730mm
(b) Keyboard Tray Slide with Heavy duty- upto 40kgs weight
(c) Cantilever Tray 1. 1U with 200mm depth
2. 2U with 400mm depth
8. Earthing kit Available in cord connecters and Earthing Bushbar, front-rear
9. Cabin Lamp 13 watts available in Philips/Compact
10. Blanking Panels 1U, 2U, 4U & 6U sizes are available.