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Prasha Outdoor Cabinet

Data Sheet (H 1500-H 3000): Double skinned Outdoor Cabinet with integrated Heat Exchanger suitable for 19”, ETSI and non standard equipment.

Main Frame

- Basic frame made from Extruded Al Mg Si Alloy (Optional Steel fabricated frame)
- Inner skin dully treated with light green or colorless alodine treatment
- 19”, ETSI mounting provision inside the cabinet
- Equipment mounting plate
- Battery shelves
- One bottom cable tray entry provision (non-roxtec type)

External panels

- Outer skin made of Aluminum alloy dully powder coated to RAL 7035 or required shade
- Double Skin Al sided and Top Covers
- Aluminum plinth and plinth covers
- Al external cover panels and plinth have inter connecting elements (Vandal Proof)


- Double skin door mounted on load bearing hinges
- Three point lock
- Provision for mounting Heat Exchanger on one door
- Wide opening of door up to angle 135°


- IP protection of IP55
- Load rating of 1000-1500 kg

Thermal Management

- Naturally ventilated outer skin

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