Server & Networking Racks



Prasha’s IT and Telecom racks have been designed to global standards and have been tropicallized to suit the conditions of Indian subcontinent. These racks conform to EIA/DIN standards and are geared to meet all professional requirements of the networking industry i-SER is Prasha’s next generation shelf enclosure solution influenced by 15 years of customer feedback addressing current IT market requirement for high density IT applications. i-SER provides a reliable rack-mounting environment for mission-critical equipment i-SER enclosures provide cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring for applications in IT environments



Height 22U, 27U, 36U, 42U Heights Depths
Widths : 600 and 800mm
Depths : 600, 800, 1000 and 1200mm

U Overall (h) Usable (h)
18 934 800
22 1111 978
27 1334 1201
32 1556 1423
36 1734 1601
42 2000 1867
Overall(d)      Usable(d)
600 500
800 700
1000 900
1200 1100

Material & Finish
The structure is dully formed with CRCA steel, which ensures high rigidity and precision. The overall frame is
welded and dimensions are maintained under strict monitoring processes. The entire cabinet is power coated to
black shade (RAL 9004) after a – seven tank pre-treatment and oven baking for excellent durability

Basic Structure : Sheet Steel 2.0mm
Front Door : Sheet Steel 1.5mm
Rear Door : Sheet Steel 1.5mm
Side & top-bottom panels : Sheet Steel 1.2mm

Scope of Supply

Main Frame : 1 Nos.
Cover Top : 1 Nos.
Cover Bottom : 1 Nos.
19” Mounting Angles : 4 Nos.
Depth Support Channel : 6 Nos.

Optional Accessories

1. Fan Tray Sliding
2. Fans/Fan Tray Fixed
3. Power Distribution Unit- Horizontal/Vertical
4. Cable Manager – Horizontal/Vertical
5. Fixed Shelf
6. Sliding shelf
7. Key board tray sliding
8. Cantilever shelf
9. Cabinet lamp
10. Grounding bus bar
11. Leveling feet
12. Castors
13. Mounting hardware



  • Strong steel construction
  • Fully rigid welded structure of load rating up to 600kgs
  • Conforms to DIN 414194 and 19” EIA standard engineering design
  • 19”rail with “U” marking
  • Baying and flexible assembly at site
  • Rack design for better cool air circulation
  • Single and split doors with screw fixed side panels
  • Earthing safety of all rack assemblies
  • Better rack balancing using castors and leveling feet
  • Brush strip at cable entry on Top and Bottom, prevent dust particles
  • Fan mounting provision for all-doors, bottom and sides
  • Proper rated power strip for better current loading



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